Echo of Eldritch

Sea Breeze

After handing over his last (Hopefully Lucrative) investment of coin, Aramil gazed upon the ship that would lead to his quarry, an Orc Chieftain by the name of Krayd the Butcher. He was to set sail with a crew consisting of: one somewhat overweight navigator, one medicinal expert that doubled as a cartographer, one Tiefling Maiden, a Marden Mercenary, and the Shipwright made Captain.

Below deck Aramil was convinced Thor was watching his travels but he heard a tremble and a disturbance at sea. He walked to the main deck where a man dressed in Marden cloth was turning his focus to a more pressing manner.

A lone halfing tied to the mast of a ship not unlike the Fattison was struggling to get out of his ropes as a plethora of Kobolds trotted above deck looking to take more plunder and scour the Fattison.

Cyrus pulled out the Plank to close the gap between the ships and made his offensive in a flurry of scimitar swings. Knowing now was his only shot, Mingrim struggled free of his restraints and descended down the mast. Aramil focused his faith into bursts of radiant light but before long his vision faded as rocks pummeled his skin.

Mingrim somehow pulled off a miraculous feat of resurrection and gave new life to Aramil, his skin bruised and flesh torn. The battle was won as the assailants ship drifted off to unknown lands. Rest would be had, and there the story continues.


Derryl360 Derryl360

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